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Understanding the present from the past

The little firm Sidoti is born, having the company name “F.lli Sidoti Biagio e Antonino”. It passes from Artisans to marketing of products related to its activity.
The company name becomes “Sidoti Biagio”. Iron and steel products trade increases and it is extended to building products one.
The company name “Sidoti Biagio” becomes “Sidoti Salvatore”, expanding more and more its marketing of building and iron and steel products and conquering new markets.
1969 - 1984
“Sidoti Salvatore” deals on the Provincial and Regional market as “Sidoti”.
“Sidoti Salvatore”, in order to open up new horizons and offer efficient and complete services, is agent for some leaders in the sector of stone dressing.
The little firm “Sidoti Salvatore” becomes the company “Sidoti Srl”.
“Sidoti Srl” can boast great experience in the field, placed, day by day, at its customers' disposal. So the company has been building for all these years its customers loyalty thanks to its reliability and professionalism.